The Circuit de l'Ouest Parisien in Dreux

The Circuit de l'Ouest in Dreux offers an exciting backdrop for motorsport enthusiasts. Throughout the year, it hosts major events such as motorcycle races, car competitions, and test days. Fans flock to watch the thrilling competitions and enjoy the electric atmosphere of this iconic motorsport venue in France.

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The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel of Dreux, an architectural jewel of the nineteenth century, houses the burials of the Orléans family as well as other royal and imperial foreign families. Every year, it hosts major cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, and commemorative ceremonies, attracting history and art lovers from around the world. This iconic place embodies the elegance and richness of French heritage. It is known for its great historical and cultural richness.

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Royal Nature Tourist Office in Pays de Dreux

The Dreux Tourist Office offers a variety of useful topics for visitors, including information on attractions, local activities, upcoming events, accommodations (here we are:-), restaurants, and tours.

It also offers personalized assistance for travel planning, sightseeing tours, and practical advice to discover the best of the city and its surroundings.


Driver’s license in accelerated internship

In Dreux, an essential attraction is the accelerated courses offered by two local driving schools. In just three weeks, these courses provide access to the code and driver’s license. Many have already booked their place with PurpleKey to enjoy life in the city center, combining comfort and convenience in carefully selected apartments.

The daily pick-up points provided by the driving schools are close to our central apartments.

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